Only one in six people feel highly connected to their organisation and the people they work for and with. 

Only one in five people feel comfortable sharing problems or raising conflicts with colleagues. 

Only one in four report that leaders are responsive to their needs, communicate regularly and feel that team members are treated equally.

In other words, just a small fraction of any team—your team—feels like they are getting what they need and truly connecting on a human level. When people feel highly connected to each other, their leaders and their work, their companies stand to gain a 7.4% revenue growth boost per year. 

Organisations enjoying the advantages provide what we call omni-connected experiences.

What is an omni-connected experience?

Omni-connection levels the playing field so people can fully participate and have an equitable experience. (Omni-connection does not mean always on or connected 24/7. Quite the opposite.) 

Through these experiences people are able to forge relationships, create both personal and business value and impact, and grow their careers. The four key actions to create value through omni-connected experiences are:

  1. Instill modern leadership
    Lead with empathy, transparency and trustworthiness.
  2. Grow a thriving culture: 
    Nurture cultural norms that prioritize purpose, authenticity and psychological safety.
  3. Enable the agile organisation: 

Take flexibility further and scale new ways of working.

  1. Empower people through technology: 
    Provide access to a robust foundation and the ability to experiment.

In fact, organisational culture and the impact of the pandemic on culture was a topic in 53% of company earnings calls analysed between January 2020 and April 2022. And one in two CEOs are investing to unlock talent to drive their business transformations. 

However, many people are fundamentally re-thinking their relationship with work—out of choice or necessity due to the mental health epidemic, isolation, social upheaval, widening equity gaps, the global impacts of the war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions, rising inflation and more. It’s all taking a toll on people’s resilience.

People are not only experiencing a new world of work but living in a new world. 

Unfortunately, too many conversations about organisational culture are still anchored to space and place. Omni-connected experiences that result in a heightened sense of personal—and measurable business—impact truly thrive though vibrant, human relationships.

However, when companies put omni-connection at the heart of employees’ experiences and their culture, people and the business both benefit in meaningful ways.

The majority of organisations invest most in Financial & Employable—a job and a pay cheque. Yet what matters more to unlocking potential are the Emotional & Mental, Relational and Purposeful dimensions. A strong sense of inclusion and tools to support mental resilience are also critical to helping people feel net better off at work, yet there’s a gap in what people need and what leaders provide.